EccoPanels™ are the cornerstone of our Structural Panel Systems (SPS).  The first steps to our process are plans and communication with our customer requirements and needs. All our Panels are built, package individually, and according to the plans. Our customers receive plans as per their order and project. All EccoPanels™ come pre-cut at the factory, reducing the time of installations and assuring accuracy. Windows and door outlets and are all sized at the factory and shipped with every order. EccoPanels™ are superior in transverse and axial loading capabilities and increased racking resistance over conventional framing or other SIP panels system. EccoPanels™ are a stronger and safer alternative.


EccoPanels™ walls are erected on-site from ready to build panels in a tongue and groove method making the erection of a 40 m2 (360 square feet) structure possible in less than 1 day. Door frames, window frames, electrical conduits and plumbing components can be pre-fitted in a factory environment, thereby significantly reducing costs and wastage.

EccoPanels™ insulation values are superior to conventional construction process. Our structures are airtight, and give the occupant more control over the interior temperature and environment.

A Structural Panel System (SPS) homes can be erected faster and more efficiently than a traditional construction or framing. The time saving allows the builder to reduce cost.