Our goal at Eco Trading is to save you time on being “green”. Through extensive research on materials and use of advance computer modeling and consultation with experts, we make sure that our products are healthy for you , your family and the natural world.

We can ensure that your home achieves LEED certification, depending on the particular finishes, building systems, and site design that you choose. We can also work with Energy Star and local green rating systems.


We focus on incorporating as many recycled and renewable products as possible in our homes to be used respectful to the earth’s resources. Whenever possible, we incorporate previously used materials into our houses, and our off-site factory construction also allows us to reduce waste and use less materials overall – approximately 50% to 75% less waste during construction. Finally, we choose products for durability and low maintenance – materials with longer lives mean less work for owners and less waste.


Smart Design is what lays the foundations of successful green buildings. This means using advanced computer modeling to site your home to maximize natural light and passive heating and cooling while allowing beautiful views and interaction with nature. It means designing to use less, to use interior space wisely, and designing for longevity, flexibility and healthy living. Finally, it means designing for flexibility – our homes are designed to adapt to changes in future use, and can be ” added onto ” as your family grows. If need be ECO HOUSE can be folded up and moved as your needs change!